New release ’50 Years in the Mountains’

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Adventure cameraman Keith Partridge and myself (Brian Hall) were commissioned to come up with ideas for a film for the 50th anniversary of the iconic UK outdoor brand Mountain Equipment. The film ‘50 Years in the Mountains’ has just been released.


In 1961 the world was still recovering from the Second World War. Travel was difficult and expensive for climbers and a trip to the Himalaya or across the Atlantic was a major undertaking. Rapidly the world opened up, air travel became the norm and climbers travelled. Standards rose in every aspect of the sport.


We worked on the idea of a fast paced, decade by decade reflection on selected highlights through the last 50 years of climbing. The transition from heavyweight expeditions conquering huge unclimbed faces to fast alpine style ascents without oxygen. An evolution from aid to free climbing and bouldering. We searched for archive footage and then interviewed a number of the great climbers who have been involved with ME over the years: Reinhold Messner, Doug Scott, Heinz Zak, Andy Parkin, Stephen Venables, Peter Habeler, Martin Boyson, Dave MacLeod and Katie L’Herpiniere.


It is half a century inextricably linked to culture, technology and politics. Hitch hiking, flower power, punk and techno. Long hair, short hair…no hair! Affluence, unemployment, poverty and terrorism. The tragedy of lost life or the unbridled joy of the summit.


We will release the edited versions of all the emotional and motivating interviews in October.


Produced and directed by Brian Hall & Keith Partridge of Venture Film

Released UK 2011 in SD and HD Ratio 16:9

19.33 minutes.

Also available with German or Italian subtitles.







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