‘Best snow conditions for 40 years’ it says on the Chamonix website.   I spent many years working there as a guide and I appreciate it is great news for all and puts a smile on the face of every snowsports addict. Let that snow keep falling and falling!


This winter is our first at SteepEdge and we have been trying hard to get a good selection of ski and board films on the site to both whet your appetite and remind you of good times. Get yourself up to speed, like us on Facebook and see each new film as it gets posted on the site. Interact with us – do you know, or can you suggest a really good ski film?


I am going to try and recommend a few of the 28 diverse ski and board films we already have on the site.

Arnold Fanck directs Der Weisse Rausch

We start with one of the first ski films ever made, Der Weisse Rausch (The White Flame). The Arnold Franck classic featuring the young Leni Riefenstahl. A story of love and war from the 1930’s heroic Germanic school of film making which is heavily influenced by the philosophy of the politics of the period. Shot in 1931 in black and white in the deep snow of St Anton.

The famous Warren Miller films form a collection recording the exploits of skiers and riders over the last 50 years. From Chamonix alpine to the outrageous middle of nowhere fluted faces of the Chugach, Alaska or travelling from the deep powder of Japan to steep Teton skiing. Which of the 14 Miller films to recommend? My pick would be the  2001 ‘Cold Fusion’ or the 2005  ‘Higher Ground’ with Glen Plake and the late Shane McConkey in their prime


A trio of films from Sweetgrass productions is heavily influenced by beautiful locations. Filmed in glorious high def and accompanied by moody soundtracks and gravelly commentary. Signature (for the skiing in Japan), Handcut (for the Colorado sound track), Solitaire (for the South America landscapes).


Thanks Brian Hall .. SteepEdge

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