Four Skiing Skills films from Acrobat are released by SteepEdge online this week. They provide a structured program which gives the most comprehensive guide to skiing available. Instructional films provide a much better method of learning than books, as you can watch the techniques and skills being demonstrated, replay and even view in slow motion.  Beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers will all find these films of great benefit especially if watched just before your next ski trip .. or download and take them with you and watch on your laptop or iPad.


The films take skiers from their first tentative slides to a level of high competence in a complete range of snow conditions and mountain environments. The British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI) and the Ski Club of Great Britain have put together a dream team of skiers to show the way. Presenter and former ski instructor Peter Hart is the series host and is joined by Olympians Sean Langmuir and Amanda Pirie along with expert skier and sports physiologist Diedre Angella.



The first, ‘Beginners & Beyond’, pivots around the central theme of B.A.S.I‘s world renowned instruction scheme, which involves a swift and logical progression through all the skills needed to get to intermediate level.

‘Piste Performance’ shows you how to get the best from yourself and your equipment, whilst carving high speed tracks down prepared pistes. A must watch for intermediate skiers.


Tackling the more challenging bumps, ‘Mastering Moguls’ shows that you don‘t have to be a piston legged adrenaline junkie to have fun in the moguls. Mastering them though is an essential skill in the quest to conquer the mountain.

If skiing the deep stuff is the holy grail, and to many it is, ‘Off Piste & Freeride’ is the guide to achieving it. Master it and it’s unquestionably the best fun you’ll have on skis. With high snowfalls this winter this will give good skiers that extra edge off piste.


These programmes are not just a training tool, although they do that extraordinarily well, they are also an encyclopaedic look at all aspects of the sport with each film containing several different chapters covering a wide variety of related issues.




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