Snowboarding is a sublime experience. That feeling of surfing the mountain is second to none. New to SteepEdge is one of the most comprehensive video tutorial ever made, ‘Snowboarding Skills’ will not only reduce the bruise quota by 100% but also give you the technique grounding to take it the whole way. We recommend the two hour film for snowboarding beginners and improving intermediates. It is sanctioned by both the British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI) and The Ski Club of Great Britain as the official ‘how to …’ program.


Part One is filmed in the ideal indoor training arena of the Chill Factore in Manchester. Under the tutelage of top BASI instructors Rob and Lynden, we watch pupil Georgie conquer the basics in under 2 days.


In Part Two –the Masterclass, we move to the French Alps where ex British Champion and BASI Coach Mark Bishop and presenter and coaching legend Peter Hart look at the finer points of technique, showing where people commonly go wrong and how to adapt basic skills to enjoy steeps, carving, powder and bumps.


The program is stuffed full of extras. The Ski Club offers advice on general safety and how to get the most out of your holiday. There are sections on clothing and equipment and interviews with the pros, who give us a real insight into the sport. The combination of Acrobat Television and Peter Hart Masterclass has produced over 30 award winning training films across a range of sports. Filmed using the highest quality HD broadcast cameras the production values are first class. Add to that, the best performers, the best locations and a big dollop of imagination and humour and you have a program that beginners and improvers will want to watch again and again.

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