We recommend you get to ShAFF this weekend if you can! 9th – 11th March


John Porter, acclaimed mountaineer, director of SteepEdge and founder of the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, will be at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival to give a short lecture before he hosts ShAFF’s first ever charity auction.


The MacIntyre Years – Doing More with Less



In an interview in 1982, Reinhold Messner described Alex MacIntyre as “the purest of all exponents of the light weight style of Himalayan climbing.”  For Alex ‘style was the obsession.  With the right equipment (designed himself), speed and boldness anyhting was possible. From solo ascents in Scotland, he pushed the boundaries on new routes in the before moving to the greater ranges.  Alex was not alone in his ambition.  He was part of a generation that included Alan Rouse, Paul Nunn, Pete Boardman, Joe Tasker, Roger Baxter-Jones and a range of partners from France and Poland such as Boivan and Kuckuzka – a generation that nearly climbed itself into extinction.



Alex died that same year Messner made his statement.  In this lecture, Alex’s closest friend and partner on many of his climbs tells the tale of climbing in the 70’s and 80’s, a time before sponsors and public interest in climbing.  Being smuggled by the Poles across the Soviet Union and selling just about everything but your boots and axes to get to the mountain was easy compared to the climbs they achieved, many remain still unrepeated more than 30 years later.


Charity Auction on behalf of Community Action Nepal

Help raise money for CAN at ShAFF’s first charity auction. Pick up a signed book, signed picture of Ed Hillary on Everest or a day out with a celebrity mountaineer. The auction will be cash (there are plenty of cash machines nearby) or paypal if you can’t make it there on the day. Starting at 12 noon on Saturday it’s 90 minutes when you can make a difference at the same time as picking up something special.


Full programme : http://www.shaff.co.uk/programme-at-a-glance/


Lecture on 10th March 2012  12 noon   Venue: Creative Lounge.  Tickets: www.showroomworkstation.org.uk


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