OK, so we are in to February.

Phew. we survived.


Here in Sheffield it was down to two factors, extreme night sledging, carried out in secret in the cities parks and vertical streets, and then towards the end, when we thought light would never come- a forecast for a perfect Saturday in the peak district. You may laugh. You may taunt ‘weekend warriors’, ‘wall rats’ etc, but a good day out when it’s in good nick, it can keep you going. Keeps Andi going. Feed the rat just a little. Its worth it to stay in this city with the grit in reach, at least that’s what we are telling ourselves this month. Heres what some grit kids got up too. Home movie, Hardcore homies. (Sorry)

Sunny Stanage

And anyway, it’s not just the British who drone on about the weather. These guys need a double rainbow.

Scarred for Life, Australia

And now for something different?

Tennessee Tweakin’

Love it or hate it? Not enough time lapse for you sir? Climbing films, as controversial as climbing ethics, but only to climbers. Maybe we should just watch a snowboarding movie…

Did you see this? Glowing Man

And now in the UK it’s snowing on the rocks again, so rebatten the hatches and settle down with something to get your teeth into, a full length feature film.

Everest in Winter.

A reminder that this is a serious and unrelenting mountain, particularly in the winter of 1981, when a British expedition attempted the summit without oxygen or Sherpa support, and in a lightweight, frequently unfixed style.The conflict and emotion provoked by high stakes at altitude are captured with sincerity in Jewhurst’s historic film. Recommended viewing for everyone, whatever your discipline, if it requires discipline.

Feeling more motivated to leave the house? No? Quick, look out the window, triple rainbow.



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