We are very pleased to launch two historic films from Croatian climber and filmmaker Stipe Božić on SteepEdge this week, Dhaulagiri Express and Reticent Wall.

Also new to the site are two films featuring developing talents: Dringo i’r Eitha (Climbing to the Limits), which follows the rising Welsh star Ioan Doyle, and Carrington, by debut filmmaker Tom Kirby. Finally we present The Journey, a beautiful film that portrays the irrepressible Paul Pritchard as he attempts to cycle to Mount Everest on a recumbent trike.



Dhaulagiri Express

After visiting a shrine to pray, Tomaž walked to the bottom of the south face of Dhaulagiri on October 25 1999, with his old friend Stipe Božić, one Croatia’s top climbers, who would stay at base camp to film the ascent. His following nine-day, solo climb was historic both in terms of alpinism and psychology, as his survival pushed hard at the world’s perception of what a climber can bear in pursuit of his goals.

Some of the greatest modern climbers have come from the former Soviet Union and Poland; Anatoli Boukreev and Jerzy Kukuczka both set the standards for today’s alpinists. Tomaž Humar was another leading climber, who finally succumbed to his passion in the Himalaya.

‘I’m more convinced than ever that the maximum form of alpinism is solo, because it is here that a person’s true ability is put to the test.’ Tomaž Humar

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Reticent Wall

Hard-won footage of Humar solo climbing one of the hardest technical routes in the world, Reticent Wall, A5, on El Capitan at Yosemite. The Jury Trento Film Festival 2001 commented:

‘Humar exemplifies the leading edge of today’s alpinism. The film shows both a perspective of super alpinism and difficult technical rock climbing.’

Stipe Božić followed Tomaž resolutely to make both Reticent Wall and The Dhaulagiri Express. He was a loyal friend to the controversial alpinist, and is an accomplished climber in his own right. Božić has carried his camera up Everest twice, and to the summits of K2, Manaslu and Kangchenjunga. Reticent Wall has won several awards at adventure festivals, including the Audience Award at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival in 2002.

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Dringo Cover

Dringo i’r Eitha (Climbing to the Limits)

A portrait of a very talented young Welsh climber, Ioan Doyle, who aged 16, already appreciates the simplicity of the sport:

‘When you’re on the rock, you don’t have a lot to think about really, only you, holding onto your life!’

Remarkably, Ioan races through the grades to reach E5 in his first summer of rock climbing. His obsession gives his mother Catrin nightmares, and she reminisces of a time when young Ioan wanted to represent Wales as a fly fisher. But despite her inability to ‘let him go’, he climbs his first 8a sport climb in Kalymnos in Greece, and then continues on to the big walls of Yosemite with his partner Mills, a climber who has a fear of heights …

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A short, but enlightening docu-drama looking at the life of Rab Carrington during the 1970s.

It all starts with a chance meeting in a pub in North Wales, followed by an incident-ridden trip to Argentina and ends in a small terraced house in Sheffield. The film is based on original interview footage, reconstructions and rare archive photographs.

While travelling to a weekend’s climbing in the Lake District, filmmaker Tom Kirby read an article by Rab and was intrigued. After a little more research Tom realised there was a story to tell. The first challenge was to approach the man himself. Over a large pot of tea, Tom met with Rab and had an enjoyable discussion. This film is the result of that pot of tea.

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The Journey

The Journey

‘Everything has changed, the way I talk the way I walk. I’m still the same person inside. I was an adventurer before my accident and I am still an adventurer now.’

The Journey follows Paul Pritchard and Carol Hurst as they ride specially-built recumbent trikes over the Himalayas from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal, all the way to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Up at 4 a.m., Pritchard quips ‘Well, we are having a fun day at Disneyland today, and I am really looking forward to going on Space Mountain,’ as he and Hurst prepare for their last loose and rocky stretch to Everest BC.

The Journey is more than a story of triumph over adversity – Carol has arthritic hips and cannot walk further than a hundred metres and Paul cannot use his right side since a boulder fell on his head – it is a celebration of ability.

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Also new on the site are several brilliant archive mountaineering and adventure films.

Experience quintessentially British expeditioning with Chris Bonington in The Unknown Mountain, race 1000 miles along the Yukon Gold Rush trail with Rick Atkinson (and his huskies) in The Yukon Quest, and follow Sid Perou deep into an unexplored Mexican cave system in The Realm of Darkness. No GPS, no Go Pro, no Twitter updates. How things were different …


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