Kendal Mountain Fringe Festival

Wednesday 11th November 2015

Last year Alpkit held the first Kendal Fringe Festival - On Friday night everyone joined the team at Ruskin's café and bar to enjoy an intimate screening of In The Frame. After an introduction from Dom Bush the Director and a chat from everyone in the film, everyone chilled out with a drink and enjoyed the film. 

After a brief break the band was all set up and more drinks were had as the crowd danced away the night. 

This year the fringe is back, same place from 8.30, we will be screening the premiere of Eden - Checkout Land and Sky Media's blog piece about the film. Followed by the band Shallamara and some local DJ talent. Free prizes from Alpkit as well as SteepEdge throughout the night.  

Checkout the Eden trailer:

We look forward to seeing you there - The SteepEdge team.