Kayaking the Aleutians

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No-one had succeeded in kayaking along the remote and stormy Aleutian islands, where more than 20 long crossings separate tiny unpopulated islands. Two women attempt this world-first journey in uncharted waters, dealing with wild storms, hungry bears and


Graz Mountain Film Festival 2015 - Grand Prize

German film festival 2015 - Best film

LES ÉCRANS DE L’AVENTURE 2015 - Most authentic adventure

Waterwalker film festival 2015 - best adventure film

Waterwalker film festival 2015 - best sea kayaking film

Llanberis Mountain Film festival 2015 - best kayaking film

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2015 - official selection

Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2015 - official selection / 2nd in People's choice

The remote and stormy Aleutian chain stretches from Russia to Alaska, with more than 20 long crossings separating tiny unpopulated islands. In 2014, two women attempted to be the first people to kayak 2,500km along the islands to the nearest road. Regularly spending over 16 hours on the water, with no realistic hope of outside help, they were swept away from land by strong currents, approached by bears, grounded by headwinds and caught out by rough seas. For one woman, Sarah Outen, this amazing challenge came about by accident while on a round-the-world human powered adventure. Sarah's rowing boat was blown off course while she rowed solo from Japan to Canada, forcing her to divert north to the Aleutian islands after 150 days alone at sea. Despite having very little kayaking experience and frequently being terrified, Sarah continued her human-powered journey by kayak in one of the world's remotest outposts through uncharted and wild seas. She persuaded her friend and experienced kayaker Justine Curgenven to join her for this ground breaking journey. Justine was named one of the UK's top 20 living explorers and has kayaked thousands of miles of remote coastlines all over the world. She's an award winning filmmaker who specialises in capturing stories in challenging and hostile environments.  On an edge-of-your-seat journey the two women have the adventure of a lifetime and gain a rare insight into the lives of the few people who live in this harsh and beautiful landscape.


The story of their 101 day ordeal is amazing, moving and, above all inspiring. My admiration is unbounded." - Ranulph Fiennes

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Kayaking the Aleutians


A well told playful film of a truly incredible achievement.
Paul Ferguson
14 December 2015

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