Push It

Push It

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Push It follows some pro and not so pro female climbers pushing their personal limits, from bouldering in Magic Wood to big walling in Yosemite. Featuring Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Natalie Berry, Vicki Mayes, Jackie Sequeira and Jen Randall.


Peoples Choice, Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival, 2012

Push It is the story of filmmaker Jen Randall and her new-found climbing partner Jackie Sequeira preparing for their first ever big wall - El Capitan in Yosemite, which goes far from smoothly from start to finish. Along the way, Jen visits some of her climbing heroines for inspiration, including Mina Leslie-Wujastyk bouldering in Magic Wood, Switzerland, Natalie Berry sport climbing in Malham, Yorkshire, and a local hero Vicki Mayes trad climbing in Dunkeld, Scotland. Two years in the making, overcoming broken bones, awful weather, a lack of funds and several crisis of confidence, this is a film about testing your limits and chasing adventure.

'Randall’s production is not only another opportunity to marvel at the skill of elite athletes, be it men, or much less often, women. It’s a much more complex story built around the notions of journey and female camaraderie. It’s an open invitation for everyone to keep pushing it.' - Up That Rock Review

Push It is Jen's largest self-directed and produced project to date. After graduating from film school in Vancover in 2008, She bought a turquoise van with a pink stripe and spent the next six months travelling up and down the West Coast of the USA and Canada climbing everything she could with her boyfriend. This was a life-changing trip. On returning to Scotland in 2009, she found editing work with Alastair Lee of Posing Productions and hasn’t looked back. She now runs her own production company, Light Shed Pictures, making short films, leading youth film projects, writing and shooting climbing articles and collaborating  on video projects. ‘Push It’ has now shown at several international film festivals and Jen has also contributed the film and her wisdom to the Women’s Climbing Symposium 2012 in Newcastle, and an Expert Climbing night held by ShAFF, in Sheffield, 2013.

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Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Natalie Berry, Vicki Mayes, Jackie Sequeira and Jen Randall
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Jen Randall
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Push It


1 January 2016
12 March 2013

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