Copa - Patagonia Eric Jones a Ioan Doyle

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A joyous film celebrating the friendship of two men and one journey, a testament to world-renowned solo climber and base jumper Eric Jones's fascinating life.


To coincide with the 150th anniversary celebrations surrounding the establishment of Y Wladfa, the Welsh settlement in Patagonia, in 2015, this film celebrates the friendship of two men, two countries and one journey, a testament to world-renowned solo climber and base jumper Eric Jones’s fascinating life. 

The film is part biographical documentary, part swansong as Eric, famed for the first solo ascent of the North face of the Eiger, shares his memories, stories and philosophies whilst on an adventure pilgrimage with young climber Ioan Doyle. We see the master and apprentice on an unforgettable journey along the spine of the Andes in Patagonia, climbing and exploring various locations along the way.A lifetime of memories, 'what if' dreams and one last climb. Tea on the 'South Col', Welsh speaking gauchos, life saving fifi hooks, solo epics on the Eiger, a love of cats, base-jumping off waterfalls and a near 1000ft rock tower in the Patagonian desert. Copa is an eclectic mix of melancholy and humour laced with an unwavering spirit of adventure.

Eric and Ioan climb in ‘Valle Encantado’, in the Barloche area, and reminicse in El Chalten, as they visit the site of Eric’s many climbing adventures. We see Eric and Ioan spend some time with the local community in Esquel, before they set off to the desert of Piedra Parada, to face the biggest challenge of their journey, climbing a large tower know locally as ‘The Hand’.  

This often tender film combines an adventurous spirit with a lyrical tone as it reflects upon the life of one of mountaineering’s unsung heroes. Its conclusion is a gentle lesson in humility to all 'invicibles', as we bear witness to Eric’s attempt to manage the climbers' inevitable decline with dignity and resilient courage.


Calon Antur Cymraeg Film at LLAMFF 2016

Bronze Award for Best Climbing Film, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2016

Silver Medal, Sports and Recreational category, New York International Film and Television awards, 2016

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Eric Jones and Ioan Doyle
Rhodri Davies
Catrin Honeybill
Copa - Patagonia Eric Jones a Ioan Doyle


A great film celebrating the adventures of one of Wales and Britain's legendary (and legendarily humble) climbers and mountaineers, by following him going on one last adventure with one of 'the next generation'. Well worth the watch.
Alun Evans
7 November 2016

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