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The epic story of the world’s hardest traditional rock climb. This offbeat drama-doc tells the story of Dave MacLeod’s first ascent of Rhapsody, the world's first climb graded at E11.


Judges Special Prize, 2006 Kendal Mountain Film Festival

One of the best all-round climbers in the world seeks to take traditional rock climbing to the next level of difficulty and inevitably danger. The steep and intimidating rock face protecting the seaward flanks of the historic Dumbarton Castle in Scotland is the scene of Dave MacLeod’s very personal battle.

From award winning filmmaker Paul Diffley, E11 reveals the dedication, frustrations and shear physical and mental effort that goes into MacLeod’s climbing. We see him take a series of terrifying, massive, gut wrenching falls. Relationships become strained as he struggles to cope with the difficulty and seriousness of the endeavour. Doggedly, even obsessively, he keeps returning to his ‘ultimate’ project.

For those not familiar with the grading system used for climbs in Britain, E11 is the equivalent to French 8c+ or US 5.14d (note there are no bolts and 22-metre/70-foot fall potential)

E11 was shortlisted for best film at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival. It was also a finalist in the prestigious Banff Mountain Film Festival (November 2006).


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Dave MacLeod and Claire MacLeod
Paul Diffley
Dave Brown
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Gripping. This film shows the dedication need to be one of the worlds top climbers

Andy L
4 February 2012

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