The Sharp End

The Sharp End

3 ratings
Enter the danger zone with the world's' best climbers, including Alex Honnold, Dean Potter, Steph Davis, Lisa Rands, Chris McNamara, Ammon McNeely, Renan Ozturk, Cedar Wright and others, as they push the barriers of free soloing, high-ball bouldering, har


THE SHARP END is a film about the climbers who push themselves to the limits of adventure, and risk everything on the razor's edge between success and disaster. 

Run out trad routes, scary high-ball boulder problems, ice-covered alpine walls and all-or-nothing free-solo ascents form the crucibles in which these climbers push through their fear and discover the uncertain consequences that lie on the other side.

The film follows Steph Davis, Tommy Caldwell, Matt Segal, Lisa Rands, Topher Donahue, Adam Ondra and many other leading rock athletes to stunning locales across the globe: The Italian Alps, the sandstone spires of the Czech Republic, Yosemite Valley, the Utah Desert, and the Colorado Rockies.

Like Sender Films' past contributions, THE SHARP END delivers mind-blowing HD cinematography, gut laughs, dramatic twists, and the most exciting climbing film experience of the year.


  • Kamera Alpin in Gold: Best Climbing Film, Graz Int. Mountaineering Film Festival, Italy
  • Grand Prize: Tbilisi Mountain, Adventure and Extreme Film Festival, Niamori, Georgia
  • Adventura Prize - Best Mountain Film, Travel and Adventure Film Festival, Montreal, Canada
  • Best Adventure Film, X-Dance, USA
  • Grand Prize, Torelló Mountain Film Festival - Spain
  • Best Climbing Film: Squamish Mountain Festival, Canada
  • Best Action Sport: Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, USA
  • Best Adventure Film: International Mountain Film Festival, Ushuaia, Argentina
  • Best Film on Climbing: New Zealand Mountain Film Festival, New Zealand
  • Best Film: Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival, UK
The Sharp End


Lora Wise
29 March 2016
actually a great movie! Lot's of different people and perspectives and really captivating with some good shots. i have watched it 4 times now, and going on 5th
Jan Vidar Øyen
11 March 2016
3 January 2016

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