Kilimanjaro: Going for Broke

Kilimanjaro: Going for Broke

The consequences of climbing can be tragic. For some, after life debilitating injuries, it is also a life fulfilling pursuit.


Winner, Jean-Marc Boivin Prize, Dijon Adventure Film Festival

Beware this is a mountain adventure film with huge human and emotional dimensions. It has been known to make grown mountaineers cry!

It’s about four great climbers who have all suffered major tragedies that have left them all seriously disabled. Climbing gods made mortal, they decide to get together to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

Jamie has no arms and no legs; half of Paul’s body is as dead as a corpse; Pete has a broken back, one kidney and calves the thickness of a small pencil; and David is recovering from total paralysis.

With incredible poignancy and honesty our four heroes talk about how their lives have led up to this point in time, the pain and suffering, the doubts and the joy.

If the journey to this point has been the river voyage, then the next seven days is their meeting with Kurtz.

About the Film

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Culture, Disability Inspired and Mountaineering
Paul Pritchard, Jamie Andrew, David Limb and Pete Steane
Richard Heap and Ben Pritchard
Richard Heap and Ben Pritchard
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SD (4:3)
Kilimanjaro: Going for Broke


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