A documentary describing the overland journey of a climbing team by Sherpa van from England to Mount Barnaj in the Kishtwar Himalayas of Northern India and back.


A small team of British Mountaineers set off overland heading for the 21,000ft Mount Barnaj in the Kishtwar region of the Indian Himalaya. Featuring the great Paul Nunn, along with Geoff Tier and Bob Toogood, this quintessential 1970's film is a rare glimpse into a world that has changed so dramatically on a political level, yet remains very much in the hearts of today's Asian and Himalayan travellers.

Part adventure film, part travel documentary and unashamedly a commercial for the long lost British motor industry, the star of the film is clearly the British Leyland Sherpa van. One of Jim Curran's early films as a climbing cameraman, this rare film has some great footage of crossing through Europe and on into the wilds of Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan, a descent of the Kabul Gorge and a visit to the lawless Khyber Pass.

The climb, like many Himalayan peaks, proves hard, and the team fight cold, altitude, snow blindness, constant snow storms and flattened camps on their summit attempts. The most memorable quote has to be 'There are times when mountaineers are not the most pleasant people to know...'

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Culture, Mountaineering and Trekking & Travel
Paul Nunn, Geoff Tier and Bob Toogood
Allen Jewhurst
Allen Jewhurst, Barry Reynolds, Chris Lister and Chameleon
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SD (4:3)


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