Have a look at this year’s AFA at Kendal, UK, 11th-15th  November

The annual AFA at the Kendal Mountain Festival is a five-day course studying the basics of filmmaking and enabling you to make your own film. It’s intended to stimulate and develop outdoor adventure and extreme sports filmmaking and is open to all: keen amateurs, adventurers who wish to record their exploits, students, and professionals who have an interest in outdoor filmmaking. It’s an informative and enjoyable week which provides a platform into a future in film making and equipment, tuition and mentoring is provided throughout.

The first three days of the course cover the essential skills and gives hands on experience to make a one-minute short film of a professional standard. They cover:

The use of video, DSLR and GoPro cameras

Recording sound

Shooting for the edit

Filming an interview

Filming adventure sport action

Health and safety


This is followed by a concentrated forty-eight-hour ‘film marathon’, where the skills learned are put to use and small groups make a two-minute broadcast-standard film on their chosen outdoor or adventure sport film idea. These films are screened and judged at the main festival and prizes are awarded.

This year, for the first time, non-course attendees can enter the competition too – individual and small groups are invited to make their own two-minute film in the same forty-eight hours using their own equipment.

AFA was started in 2003 as the Extreme Film School by Graham Hoyland (ex-BBC producer/director) and Brian Hall (then the Festival co-director and now SteepEdge director). Past tutors have included top names in UK adventure film making, Richard Else (independent producer/director at Triple Echo), Keith Partridge (freelance camera/sound), Mark Batey (ex-BBC camera/director) and Paul Diffley (camera/director at Hot Aches).

The course was first held at the BBC in Manchester and then moved to the WFA Media and Culture Centre, Manchester.The past eight years it has been linked more closely to the festival and runs during the week prior, in the Kendal College Arts and Media Campus.

Since conception over a hundred films have been made on the course, many of which can be found on YouTube or Vimeo. Two of the films have been shown on BBC 1 and many more screened at film festivals throughout the world – including making the finals at the Banff Film Festival in Canada. Over half those who have attended have gone on to make another film and twenty per cent have gone on to work in the film industry.

Topics of past films include: climbing, bouldering, mountain biking, urban skate-boarding, sand dune surfing, mono-cycling, adventure racing, under-ice diving, walking, disabled sailing, caving, sheep farming, stone throwing, para gliding, Lakeland fell life – and more!

AFA is an unbelievable five-day experience and exceptional value for money. Comparable to what you would normally pay for a single day ‘skills course’. So what are you all waiting for? Get yourself signed up and achieve!

Course details can be found here.

Written by Brian Hall … Brian helps coordinate AFA and is a director of SteepEdge.




western gold

Here in Sheffield fingers are beginning to itch as the grit cools down and rumours of friction abound. Just in time we have a fantastic new film from another climbing-centric city, Squamish, to get you all totally amped wherever you are climbing this autumn. Western Gold joins a disparate group of dedicated and creative climbers getting committed on the highest boulders in North West America. Also this week, the new Fontainebleau movie Out of Sight: all you would expect from the forest – beauty, secrecy, subtlety and then some hard, hard moves. Finally we round up our some of our favourite bouldering movies on SteepEdge. Let the bouldering begin!

Western Gold

Western Gold

Filmmaker Alex Savage takes us on a search for the best highball boulders on the West Coast of North America. Phenomenal cinematography reveals five world-class venues: Red Rocks, Leavenworth, Squamish, Cody, and Castle Rocks. Alex films and interviews local climbers projecting their own lines as well as some rarely ascended classics, and gains a unique insight into each area, meeting some great boulderers along the way. Kyle O’Meara, Pete Lowe and Flannery Shay-Nemirow all send in earnest and we get an honest view of Savage’s own experience on Green In The Face (V13), a very high boulder that he attempts alone.

Western Gold is a great independent project and Savage is a consistent and dedicated filmmaker. This exploratory and detailed film will make you completely psyched for the North West Coast. Book your plane tickets.

Out of Sight

Fontainebleau is one of the most popular climbing destinations on the planet, with thousands of boulders spread over hundreds of areas, and grades for every climber of every age and of every style. Unfortunately this means heavy traffic. Neil Hart has kindly, and quite beautifully, documented a tour of the so far un-plundered treasure, and is a strong advocate of respect for the forest.

From the classic areas of Franchard and Cuvier to the lesser-known areas of Buthiers and JA Martin, follow a group of the world’s best climbers as they explore some of the hidden boulders. The ‘Out of Sight’ secrets of the forest are waiting to be sent!

 ‘The rocks are incredible, the shapes are incredible and it just keeps on going like that no matter how far you walk.’

                                                                  Chris Shulte
Chasing Winter

It’s on its way! Deliberations and discussions on temps and conditions are never far from a climber’s mind, and as the excuses fade with summer the pressure rises …

If you’re an elite athlete however, you are constantlyChasing Winter around the globe. Here we witness the quest to make a mark in the climbing world, as told by our narrator Paul Robinson. He demonstrates his proud first ascents to friends Carlo Traversi and Ashima Shiraishi, both hungry for second ascents.If you are looking for an inspiration for your winter season, this film should provide high psyche, however be warned, this is another destination movie, and unless you can wangle a ticket to Cape Town you might find the shots of the stunning Rockland sandstone a little too painful!


The Real Thing

The Real Thing

The Real Thing is one of the most classic bouldering films of all time. First released on VHS back in 1996, The Real Thing was the first feature-length bouldering movie ever made and played a large part in the popularisation of bouldering itself.

Britain’s top rock climbers Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon take you on a roller-coaster road trip from the gritstone crags of the UK’s Peak District to the Mecca of world bouldering, Fontainebleau in France. With guest appearances from German rock legend Kurt Albert, Britain’s Sean Myles and French master Marc Le Menestrel, this really is The Real Thing! Seventeen years on it still remains a must see. Oh, and the soundtrack is just mint.

Watch now>>


Push it

Push it

Jen Randall and Mina Leslie-Wujastyk have joined forces again this summer to film ‘Project Mina’, so in anticipation we had to include their last feature in our round up this week. In Push it Mina casually crushes some very hard problems in the Swiss Magic Wood, and gives us an insight into the mentality that has allowed her some phenomenal success this year, including the first female ascent of Careless Torque and no less than eight 8As and an 8A+ on her trip to the Rocklands, subject of the new movie to be launched on SteepEdge in 2014.

You can see a preview of ‘Project Mina’, and hear from the woman herself at the Women’s Climbing Symposium, on the 2nd of November, at the Arch Climbing Wall in London. In addition to a day of workshops and lectures aimed to beast and inspire, all attendant will receive a free climbing goody bag, with a SteepEdge treat included. You can book tickets and see the full lineup on the WCS website.