The Inner Soul of Adventure Films

Date: 2013
Picked by: Jon

What does it take to have an adventure? I’ve picked my favourite films that explore the soul of famous adventurers. Some of my selection are just plain inspirational while others, the Joss Naylor films in particular, warrant admiration for their protagonists. Others, such as the mountaineering films featuring Jerzy Kukuczka and Tomaz Humar explore their personalities and exploits. We find out just what it takes – and ultimately what the mountains have taken – in the pursuit of the ultimate climb. By contrast, it’s interesting to talk with legends like Joe Brown and Johnny Dawes, and to gain an insight into the world from the perspective of the hardest climbs ever done. Finally, we have an in depth documentary on one of the 20th Century’s most controversial filmmakers Leni Riefenstahl; well worth watching to see her escape from her past into a wider world of adventure and exploration.